Teaching Activity Survey

Before completing the IU Research and Teaching Preserve Teaching Activity Survey, please read the following terms:

  • Educators must abide by the rules and regulations of the Indiana University Research and Teaching Preserve (RTP) in any and all conduct of activities at the preserve. Rules and regulations are posted on site.
  • Educators are responsible for obtaining any and all of the appropriate state or federal permits (e.g., when working with regulated species).
  • Educators are responsible for placing all markers and materials and then removing them from the RTP following the activity or series of activities. Some of the markers/flags should be labeled with the instructor's name and the date.
  • Educators must defer planned activities if there is a conflict with existing activities. The RTP director will make a determination upon submission of this survey if conflicts exist. If the director finds that a conflict exists, the educator will be informed and asked to make appropriate adjustments.
  • With the exception of ongoing Indiana University course related activities, activity surveys must be submitted annually.
  • Educators (see above exception) will file annual (due in yearly increments based on the date of commencement of the project) and final reports to the RTP office that will include: a brief description of the activity and methods (first and final reports only), lesson plans (if applicable), a list of data generated and contact information for those interested in the data (if applicable), and a list of publications resulting from the project(s).

Please check the box if you agree:

I have read and agree to the above terms, and I agree that all of the information I provide is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Caution: To avoid premature submission when completing the form, do NOT use your ENTER or RETURN key to advance to the next question.
Will the project involve any sampling/collecting?
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When will your teaching activity be taking place?
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once daily weekly
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On which RTP properties will the research be taking place?
Bayles Road
Bradford Woods
Griffy Woods
Kent Farm
Lilly-Dickey Woods
MMSF AmeriFlux Tower
Moores Creek
Will you need to reserve space in the Field Lab for research?
(Check all that apply)
meeting room
conference room
wet lab 114 (west end)
wet lab 116
wet lab 118
wet lab 113 (small room on east end)
dry lab/computer lab 120
Briefly describe the activity to be conducted:
Describe any markers or flagging you will use to demarcate an area (if applicable). Don't forget to include your name and the date on some of your markers.
Briefly describe any potential impacts on the RTP:
Briefly describe the methods to be used: