Exemplary Research


The IU Research & Teaching Preserve (RTP) is home to one of the key research sites, the Lilly-Dickey Woods Forest Dynamics Plot, in ForestGEO, the Smithsonian Institute’s Forest Global Earth Observatory Network. ForestGEO is dedicated to the long-term, large-scale study of tropical and temperate forest function and diversity in order to increase scientific understanding of forest ecosystems, guide sustainable forest management and natural resource policies, monitor the impacts of global climate change, and build capacity in forest science. The Lilly-Dickey Woods Forest Dynamics Plot is a 25-hectare parcel of old-growth forest located in the interior of the Lilly-Dickey Woods in Brown County, Indiana and is managed by Dr. Richard Philips and Dr. Keith Clay. Lilly-Dickey Woods has remained completely undeveloped since being donated to Indiana University by the Eli Lilly family. This makes Lilly-Dickey Woods an ideal addition to the ForestGEO network because the majority of the plot in the network are old forests with minimal human disturbance. 

The image caption follows
Stem map of the 25-hectare IU Forest Dynamics Plot at Lilly-Dickey Woods. All stems are color coded by species and the point is scaled by the stem diameter.