Youth Education (K-12)

Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program

The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is an exciting opportunity for Indiana's underrepresented high school students to broaden their horizons in science. The SEP offers not only lectures and discussion, but also hands-on laboratory experiences in a host of scientific fields including environmentalplant sciences, evolution, molecular biology, and genetics. Students will gain knowledge of various scientific careers as well as advanced preparation for a successful collegiate experience as they are led by a dynamic and skilled team of Indiana University faculty members and Indiana high school teachers. Students who perform well will have the opportunity to participate in the successive Jim Holland programs: Summer Science Research Program (SSRP) and Research Initiative in STEM Science (RISE). Learn more at the Jim Holland SEP website!


K-12 teachers: Host a Class Outing Here!

Are you a teacher who is looking to offer a unique learning opportunity for your students?  Are you looking to give them a more hands-on experience with the environment?  Then look no further!   The IU RTP welcomes K-12 teachers who wish to hold classes or field trips at our properties.  If you wish to have a class outing with us, please contact us at